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The sporty E-cycle EVT4000e electric motorcycle scooter outperforms any of its gas counterparts in power handling and acceleration. On the outside, these look just like the many gas scooters buzzing around the city, but on the inside they are very special—they are electric propulsion vehicles. Unlike their 49 cc gas counterparts, the EVT4000e are zippy, stylish, and will out-accelerate anything infernal combustion! Not only does it make you look good, you can actually feel good about the ride, knowing you are riding a clean and green riding machine.

  • Category: Electric motor-driven cycle
  • Body: Contemporary
  • Top Speed: 60kph/40mph
  • Noise Level: Whisper Quiet
  • Range: 40 to 55 miles
  • Controller: 120A BMS Controls
  • Motor: 1500-watts 48-volt brush Hub Motor
  • Electric consumption per charge: 2 kW-hr
  • Battery: 4 X 48V, 50AH VRLA by GS Japanese Batteries
  • Noise level: nearly silent
  • Emission: none
  • Contaminants: none
  • Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes

This electric motor-driven cycle has been in the market long enough to demonstrate its reliability and functionality. It is doubtlessly one of the finest electric vehicles in the market today.


The motor-driven cycle EVT 4000e, has obtained first place in the category of “Electric Scooters” in the German Solar Vehicle Championship Year 2000 and Year 2001, sponsored by the Solar-Vehicle Federation of Germany. Likewise, The Taiwan Electric Vehicle Association on February 25, 2000, awarded The EVT 4000e with the first place in the “Eyewitness For the Electric Scooter Cruising Range Race” when it outperformed all other electric scooters by cruising for 81 kilometers (50 miles). In fact, the EVT Electric Scooters won first, second and third places in this long-range distance competition

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