Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. To Launch World’s First Canadian Made Lithium Powered Electric Motorcycle

Canadian Developer and Supplier of Electric Vehicles to Provide Rechargeable Polymer Lithium-Ion Batteries for Line of E-cycles and EVT Electric Motorcycles

Vancouver, BC Canada--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 01, 2006

Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. (ETG), largest Canadian Supplier of Electric Vehicles, leader of the electric generation of advanced transportation and energy technologies, announced today the Company will be supplying the world’s first commercially available electric motorcycles and scooters equipped with advanced Lithium-Ion powered drivetrains.

ETG's proprietary battery management system (BMS) combines with the high energy chemistry of state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology will overcome many of the shortcomings associated with other types of rechargeable batteries. Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. will take advantage of the high-performance features of this new battery technology to further enhance the competitive advantages of their electric vehicles in the worldwide advanced transportation marketplace.

"The day when we can travel over hundreds of kilometers on pennies per charge is now feasible" said ETG Director of Product Development, Gordon World. "We are continuing to push the envelope in advanced, sustainable vehicle technologies, to expand our electric transportation product line to all applications, from personal to public transportation.”


Ecodrive Electric Vehicles, Supplier of E-cycle and EVT Electric Vehicles
Lance Hui, (Mgr of Marketing and Sales)